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This course is intended to familiarize you with the frog ascending system. The frog is a very flexi...
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Why should you join Six Ridges Grotto?? An understandable question. There are MANY reasons to join a grotto, but here are just a few.

1. Full members are granted access to the Grotto Catalogue of Cave Locations and Maps, as well as access to The Grotto Library, consisting of a large catalogue of NSS publications, Technical / Training publications, and a Photo Library. FULL members also have unlimited access to the Website, and its Online Cave Information Database.

2. ALL members recieve, in the mail, a monthly publication, The RidgeWalker, a Grotto Member Authored, Edited, and Published newlsletter containing stories, trip reports, survey updates, and photographs, as well as anything else the members may submit to the Newsletter Committee.

3. Members regularly plan and organize trips of all sorts together, providing many opportunities to get out and enjoy the world, make wonderfull friends and memories, see beautiful scenery, and keep fit!! Without being a member, just LOOK at all the missed opportunities for adventure!

4. Being a member give you access "Field Specific" training, such as Single Rope Technique, taught by experienced Vertical Cavers. Many of the techniques covered in our training courses can be applied to many different sports, such as Rock, Lead, and "Trad" Climbing, as well as Canyoneering, and "Yosimite Style" Climbing. We also have basic High Angle Rescue training available to those interested.

As stated on the NSS website, in general the Grotto does the Following:

"Grotto's organize caving trips, offer training, arrange cave conservation and restoration projects, offer comraderie, and generally provide a framework for enjoying and studying caves. Grottos welcome new members who are interested in caves and committed to cave conservation."

Not every caver is right for every grotto, just as every grotto is not right for every caver. Please feel welcome to attend a Six Ridges Grotto meeting and say HI!! You may find this is the place you want to be. If not, we will cherish the chance to have met, and wish you the best!!!


First and foremost, we all (you included!!) want to know that we (and you) are caving with SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, RELIABLE and COMPETENT people. We are not only concerned with OUR personal safety and well-being, but YOURS and THE CAVES' as well.
Therefore we have a few guidelines for new memberships.
1. You must go on A MINIMUM OF 2 Grotto cave outings. This is so we can see how you cave. We all try to practice safe, conservation minded caving. We want to know that you do the same.
2. You MUST attend A MINIMUM OF 2 meetings. This is so WE can get to know YOU, AND so YOU can get to know what WE are all about.
3. To become a FULL member, you MUST become an NSS member within 1 year. This is an NSS sanctioned policy. If you are NOT an NSS member, you may become an ASSOCIATE member of the grotto, and may maintain that status for up to 1 year. After 1 year, you must either: A: Be registered with the NSS or, B: You may no longer remain a member of the grotto.

There are 3 classes of Grotto membership.
Full Members - Must be Current NSS member. May serve on Grotto Executive Committee. Registered on Grotto Website. Yearly Dues- $10
Associate Members - May NOT serve on Executive Committee. NOT Registered on Grotto Website. May only remain under Associate Membership status for one year. Yearly Dues- $10
Family Membership - Must be current NSS member. Must Reside at same address as a Full Member. May Serve on Executive Committee IF no resident of same address is already serving on Executive Committee. Registered on Grotto Website. Yearly Dues- $15 for the whole family
For Questions or more Information on Joining, Renewal, Dues, or Meetings, contact:
Chairman -Mike Patrick, at mkpat09@gmail.com.

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