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Davis Family and Friends, Greene County, Tennessee - 1903

This photograph was taken on a "Cave Party" near Spring Cave, one of Six Ridges Grotto's "Home Caves", in 1903. "Jo" (Johnnie Josephine) Davis is the owner of the original picture. Jo has written on the back:

Reading left to right (as identified by Ferne Davis Price in 1976):

First Row: Bess Brown, Fannie Davis, Winnie Davis, Hannah Brown, Bess Lloyd, Minnie Brown, Alice Bert Davis, Eliza Young, Ferne Davis, Bert Kenney, Emmer Crumley.

Second Row: Maggie Rankin (standing), Emmer Foster, Jessie Young, Mae Davis, Phoebe Davis, Betty Brown, Joe Davis, Ruth Davis, Maude Davis (?), Lizzie Davis, Melvina McAmis, Luther Smith, Ruth Crumley, Emma Davis.

Third Row: John Davis, Sam Lane (?), Bill Crumley, Elmer (Bert) Davis, Jesse Davis, Cola Kenney, Mary Ann "Pop" Davis (my great grandmother, Mary Ann Hawkins Davis- P.S.), Arch McAmis, Emerson Davis (my great grandfather, Jesse Emerson Davis-P.S.), Charlie Kenney, Gertie Davis, John H. Davis, John K. Davis, Jennie Davis (Alyne D. in arms), Beatrice Rankin, Charles Davis, Jennie White (my grandparents-barely visible-P.S.), Walter Carter, Nan Kenney(?).

These are the first known cavers in the Brittontown Mountain area, and this is the earliest known picture documenting a known organized caving group in the area. Most of the people in the picture either lived on, or farmed, the lower slopes of the mountain, and some old, nearly forgotten by time, remnants of their presence there can still be found today. Several of the pictured have immortalized themself in the mountain with signatures in the caves that can also still be found. IF you know where to look.

The stories go that, back then, at the family reunions, they liked to get together and go on "Cave Parties". Spring Cave, along with several others in the immidiate area, were favorites among the Davis Family, who lived on the north side of the mountain.

Spring Cave was also the main souce of water for some of the families, and one family even used a small cave next to Spring Cave, known as Pumpkin Cave, to store their canned goods in the days before refrigeration.


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