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Welcome to the Six Ridges Grotto homepage. If you have found yourself on this page, it is probably because you already have some interest in caving.

We are a small, but growing Grotto, located in East Tennessee, chartered in 2009. The Grotto is named for the six ridges of Brittontown Mountain, on which many of the Grotto members "cut our caving teeth". All members Are Conservation minded Cavers, who strive to leave the cave in BETTER shape than they found it in. The Grotto ALWAYS has "Cleanup Trips" in the workings, and are always looking to find ways to keep each cave we visit as clean as or cleaner than before our arrival. We also strive to educate people about the effects caves play in everyday life, and how human interference, pollution, and heavy travel can adversly affect the caves.

Six Ridges Grotto is associated with the NSS (National Speleological Society), and ALL Grotto Full Members are NSS members as well. We are an outdoor club for adults AND children with a heavy emphasis on caving, but camping, canoeing, rock climbing, rappelling, and hiking are high on our list of fun activities to organize and participate in.

We, as a grotto, regularly Explore, Locate, Survey and Map caves, work with environmental groups helping to preserve delicate cave life, as well as make efforts to extend the known boundries of caves. As a grotto, we are proud that all of our members are conservation minded, and always "Cave Softly", but most of our members MAINLY enjoy the adventure of going places where few others have any ambition to go. We make an attempt to go on a "Full Grotto Trip" at least 3-5 times a year, and there are small "Grotto Members" trips almost weekly.

All of this activity gives chance to make lasting friendships, and even longer lasting memories. So, if you want to go caving and make friends and memories in the process, come to a grotto meeting and check us out. Directions and information about our meetings can be found on this site.


Our mission is to honor ALL NSS constitution policies, while practicing Clean, Safe, Conservation Minded caving. We dedicate ourselves to not only the caves themselves, but also to

(1) Educating the "non-caving" public about the reasons and ways to be more "cave conciensious".

(2) Support and promotion of fellowship among cavers.